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EMMI Application

* EMMI is a failure analysis tool of high efficiency, which can detect and locate very weak emmission(visible and near infrared)and capture many kinds of current leakage lights caused by device defects and abnormity.

* EMMI can detect device defects caused by ESD, Latch up, I/O Leakage, junction defect, hot electrons , oxide current leakage, etc.

* Leakage detecting ability of EMMI can reach to microampere level. While LC (Liquid Crystal) Hot Spot Detection only milliampere level.

(Consult LC, OBIRCH contents)

LC / EMMI / OBIRCH Contrast
  Sensitivity Backside Observation Phenomena
   LC Milliampere Level No No Hot Spots

Microampere Level

No Light Emission
   OBIRCH Microampere Level Yes Thermo-electric Property
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